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Email: emilygracepotts96@gmail.com

​Instagram: @freespiral_

Full biography:

Emily Grace (b. TX, USA) is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice gives material form to invisible and chronic conditions. Her work broadly explores relationships between pain, validity, and biological systems of the body. She derives her inspiration from systems we see replicated in the natural world that are outside of our own bodies, including pipeline and infrustructre that support our society. She is most interested when these systems are malfunctioning and cease to preform their intended function. Grace has exhibited,nationally, including exhibited in AXA Art Prize 2020 traveling from The San Francisco Art Institute in San Francisco, Kavi Gupta Gallery in Chicago, and New York Academy of Art in New York. Grace will graduate with a MFA in Sculpture from University of North Texas in Denton, TX where she also worked as graduate assistant, teaching assistant, and teaching fellow.

Short biography:

Emily Grace is an interdisciplinary artist based out of Texas. Her projects address issues of pain, invisability, and advocacy as a patient in medical practices. She is the recipient of a Toulouse Graduate Academic Scholarship (2019-22), the Vortman-Ardoin Fellowship (2019-22), and the Peggy Laverne Chavalier Graduate Fund (2019-22).